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Barrow Hill Academy

Barrow Hill Academy

Remote Learning

Here you can find help and support with remote learning.  At Barrow Hill Primary Academy we teach our children to use digital devices to support and show their learning in school.  From a young age, children become skilled in using a range of apps, accessing a variety of websites and applying their literacy skills to digital platforms.  We also teach children about how to stay safe on the Internet and remind them about kind words and kind behaviour. 

This year, we have all started to use the Class Dojo platform to share work, reward success and celebrate achievements.  It is also a fantastic resource for communicating with parents and parents communicating with teachers.  Class Dojo can be accessed on tablets, phones, laptops or PCs.  It is easy to set up and easy to use.  Below is a how to guide to get you started.


How to post on class dojo:

First you need to download the app, create an account and connect to your child or children’s class or classes. Class teachers have sent out a means for you to connect (check your text messages) however, if your unsure ring the office and a class teacher will call you back.  

To post on dojo from your parent account you need to:

1. Click on your profile picture on the left hand side of the screen

2. Click child’s name

3. It will ask for parent permission (accept)

4. Click on activities

5. Then scroll to where it says completed or has an add icon underneath the activities your child may have to do and click the plus

6. From there you can choose which option you would like to choose to upload a post to your child or children’s dojo account.

How to respond to an activity from home using dojo:

  1. Go into the class dojo app
  2. Click on your profile picture on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Click on your child’s name
  4. Click on activities
  5. Find the activity your child has been asked to do and click start

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