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Barrow Hill Academy

Barrow Hill Academy

Vision and Values

At Barrow Hill Primary Academy, our vision is to create a safe, nurturing, learning environments where children, staff and the community are proud of their achievements.

We are:

  • Respectful
  • Approachable
  • Honest
  • Committed

We will achieve this by creating a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable for both children and staff. We #dreambig and make learning fun. Our aim is to inspire children to be ambitious, resilient, life-long learners and responsible citizens.


What does our statement mean for the children and staff at Barrow Hill Primary Academy?


What this mean?

What this implies for the school?

The children


‘a safe, nurturing, learning environment’

The learning environment is a safe place, enabling them to learn, develop and be creative without worry.

The children are confident that they will be listened to and will be treated professionally and with compassion. The children will feel safe in school.

Staff in school are kind, approachable and caring. Staff take responsibility for the health and safety in school, leaders provide appropriate training to ensure all areas are safe.

‘staff and the community are proud of their achievements’

The children, staff and community all have a shared pride of the school. It has become a hub of the village. Successes are shared.

The children can talk about what makes their school special and explain why they are proud of it.

The staff have confidence and self-belief in theirs and schools achievements.


To treat everyone fairly. Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself.

The children accept that everyone is different and treat everyone fairly.

Staff model respectful behaviour. Staff may have professional differences but respect is still maintained.


All staff (SLT, teachers, support staff, caretaker etc.) are very approachable. Parents are confident to voice concerns and their achievements.

There is always someone to talk to, there is a system in place even if staff are not available.

There are systems in place so that the staff can report concerns etc. governors. The staff feel valued and have great confidence to voice their views.


To behave in a transparent manner. To have key documents, policies and systems in place readily available.

The children are encouraged to make good choices (telling the truth). They understand that telling the truth is important.

Staff model honesty. In PSHE, we build in time to reflect on honesty as a team. Professional honesty is developed well.


Working hard, aiming high, wanting to do well, home school agreement.

The children want to do well for themselves, as a team, as a community. A commitment to learn and to support others learn.


have well planned learning journeys, inclusive, inspiring, to do well and be the very best they can be.

‘a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable’



Child initiated learning is planned for well. Knowing the children well, knowing their interests to plan engaging activities.

Activities planned to suit all children/ abilities/ age. Freedom of ideas, celebrating efforts and achievements. Risk taking and exploration is encouraged. Culture provides a foundation for future learning.

Children are listened to and the children’s views are valued. The children are encouraged get stuck into learning, make mistakes and celebrate learning from them.

An approachable and creative approach is adopted by staff. They are pro-active and enthusiastic and learning, topics and themes. Staff plan ahead but are able to re-route if necessary. The school invests in staff well by offering well planned CPD opportunities. Staff feel able to ask questions, they don’t feel demoralised or unvalued.

‘#dreambig and make learning fun’


‘inspire children to be ambitious, resilient, life-long learners’

Having high aspirations and being the very best you can be. Putting in 100% effort in! Showing the children what else is out there. Growth Mindset in the village.

The children have fun when they are learning and dare to dream about exciting futures.  

Staff believe in raising aspirations, staff are allowed to grow themselves personally and professionally.

‘responsible citizens’

Having a strong sense of right and wrong, having the confidence to make the right decision.

The children have British values instilled in them. They feel empowered to make the right decisions. Pupil voice is strong in the school.

Staff model responsibility to the children well.


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